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Job Anouncement Detail

Close Date : 20, Jun 2022

VACANCY ANNOUNCEMENT (National Expert for Short Term – Training on use of Moving Graphics/ 3D for Promoting Statistical Literacy)


Job Description

1.      Discuss modeling texturing and lighting using Cinema 4D, Adobe Photoshop and/or other industry-standard tools.

2.      Practising  Video Editing, Cinematography, Photoshop, Illustrator and Adobe After Effects.

3.      Experience in 3D animation softwares, studio hiring practices, and demoreel preparation.

4.      Experience in VFX (e.g., destructible objects, lighting systems , reflection, volumetric lights) and their contribution to animation.

5.      Experience in script to screen production;

6.      Experience with incorporating traditional media in motion production.

Key Requirements

1.      Any graduate with well experiences on Video Editing, Cinema 4D and Lighting System.

2.      Ability to provide the flexible teaching methods based on the technical level and learning capacities of the trainees.

30.      Able to work independently.

The interested applicants should send their resume to [email protected] not later than June 24, 2022.

For further enquires : 067 3406351