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Central Committee for Data Accuracy and Quality of Statistics (CCDAQS)

Central Committee for Data Accuracy and Quality of Statistics (CCDAQS)

  1. to emerge the Myanmar National Statistical System which compiles and provides the accurate, quality, and credible statistics timely;
  2. to develop the Myanmar National Statistical System;
  3. to support the preparation of policies and plans, or monitoring and evaluation of activities, or resources allocation, or doing research and development activities through accurate and quality statistics;
  4. to strengthen and facilitate coordination and cooperation effectively and rapidly among departments and organizations relevant to statistics;
  5. to increase trust between government and the people, and the international community by accessing and using the accurate and quality statistics

10 Clusters for Implementation of (National Strategy for Development of Statistics -NSDS)

  1. National Accounts Cluster
  2. Survey Coordination and Statistical Standard Cluster
  3. Vital Statistics Cluster
  4. Agriculture and Rural Sector Statistics Cluster
  5. Energy Statistics Cluster
  6. Environment Statistics Cluster
  7. Trade and Investment Sector Statistics Cluster
  8. Macroeconomic Monitoring and Financial Statistics Cluster
  9. Social Statistics Cluster
  10. Demography Cluster

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