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Survey Hightlights

Household Income and Expenditure Survey

(Nation-wide Sample Survey in 2012)

Sr. Particulars Union (%) Urban (%) Rural (%)
1 Average Household Size 4.72 4.67 4.76
2 Average Family Expenditure (kyat) 167434.2 202155.32 152010.72
3 Monthly Per Capita Expenditure (Kyat) 35473.35 43288.08 31935.03
Note : The Household Income and Expenditure Survey 2012 (HIES 2012), include 14 State/Region and Nay Pyi Taw council covered 330 townships of the 82 townships covered 32,669 households were surveyed. Sample selection of townships in the townships comprising (15) while the other (67) townships were randomly selected. The sampling design used was stratified three-stage random sampling design; the first-stage on townships used the interviewing method and of state and region, the second-stage on wards/village tracks and the third-stage on households of urban and rural.